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Delve into the world of DoorDash’s holiday campaign with “The Holiday Worker’s Lament”. Directed by the talented Camila Zapiola, this ad provides a humorous and insightful perspective on the holiday season, seen through the eyes of retail workers and DoorDash drivers. Combining relatable scenarios, melodious music, and creative storytelling, this advertisement is an unmissable experience this festive season.


“The Holiday Worker’s Lament” by DoorDash isn’t just any holiday advertisement; it’s a sharp, satirical take on the lives of those working during the holiday season. This ad reflects the stark contrast between the stressful world of retail work and the free-spirited, joyful life of DoorDash drivers.

Director Camila Zapiola’s Style:

Camila Zapiola’s direction brings a breath of fresh air, blending humor with reality to create a powerful message about the often-overlooked struggles of holiday retail workers. This style not only enhances the entertainment value but also provokes thought among viewers.

Characters and Music

The characters in the ad represent holiday season workers, with situations and emotions that anyone who has worked during the holidays can empathize with. The original soundtrack by Papa Music adds not only a fun element but also strengthens the connection between the audience and the story.

Personal Perspective

From my point of view, this advertisement goes beyond being just a marketing campaign for DoorDash. It vividly portrays the lives of holiday workers, combining elements of humor and reality to accurately and comprehensively reflect the holiday season’s realities.


In summary, DoorDash’s “The Holiday Worker’s Lament” is more than a standard holiday ad; it’s a creative masterpiece that offers a new and deep insight into the working life during the holiday season. This ad not only captures attention but also leaves a lasting impression on its viewers.