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In the constantly evolving world of technology, billionaire Bill Gates has made a bold and groundbreaking statement. According to him, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not just a powerful tool but also the key to changing how humans work. Gates believes that thanks to the advancements in AI, people could reduce their working hours to just three days per week, while still ensuring enough wealth creation for society.

In a recent conversation on Trevor Noah’s podcast What Nows, Bill Gates shared his perspective on the future of Artificial Intelligence. He emphasized the productivity increase that AI brings, viewing it as an exciting aspect with great potential. He argues that AI will help eliminate tedious parts of work, opening the door to a new future of labor where people have more time for creativity, innovation, and personal activities.

This shift is not only a technological advancement but also a significant change in the perception of labor and life. Reducing working hours not only helps improve the mental and physical health of workers but also promotes a balance between work and life, a problem that many are seeking to solve.

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