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This holiday season, the luxury fashion brand Coach is taking the retail experience to new heights by collaborating with ZERO10 to incorporate augmented reality (AR) technology into its Holiday 2023 campaign. This innovative venture is set to redefine the way consumers interact with their favorite fashion pieces.

A New Dimension of Fashion Exploration

From November 15th to January 1st, Coach invites shoppers to delve into its Holiday collection via ZERO10’s AR Storefront. This digital journey is available at five strategic North American locations: Boston, Atlanta, Austin, Miami, and Toronto. The initiative aims to captivate the style sensibilities of Gen Z and Young Millennials by offering a playful and immersive way to discover Coach’s world.

Digital Fitting Room Experience

The AR Storefront will showcase digital recreations of Coach’s holiday styles, such as the Sequin Penn and Metallic Star Bag, among others. Shoppers will be able to see these items superimposed on their bodies with AR special effects right in the store, transforming the traditional try-on process into an interactive and engaging experience.

Interactive Fashion at Your Fingertips

George Yashin, CEO of ZERO10, emphasizes the excitement of continuing their collaboration with Coach, aiming to enhance the holiday spirit with an immersive AR try-on experience. This strategy not only positions Coach as a pioneer in tech-infused fashion innovation but also highlights the potential of AR technology to reshape the industry, especially during the holiday peak season​​.

Accessibility and Global Reach

Beyond the in-store experience, the digital Holiday collection is accessible globally through ZERO10’s app, available on iOS. This means that the AR experience isn’t confined to the physical stores, allowing customers around the world to participate in Coach’s festive campaign from the comfort of their own homes​​.

The Future of Fashion Retail

This campaign marks the second collaboration between Coach and ZERO10, following a successful partnership earlier in spring 2023. It’s a testament to the evolving landscape of fashion retail, where interactive and augmented experiences are becoming the new frontier.


Coach’s 2023 holiday campaign with ZERO10 is set to revolutionize the traditional holiday shopping experience. By integrating AR technology, Coach is providing customers with a novel and memorable way to engage with their brand, highlighting the merging paths of fashion and technology for a festive season like no other.