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In a remarkable fusion of technology and history, an innovative Augmented Reality (AR) experience now allows visitors to step back in time and explore a Korean Royal Court Ceremony from the 1800s. Set in the historic Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul, this AR experience offers a unique glimpse into the grandeur of Korea’s past.

Immersive Cultural Journey

Developed in collaboration between Cheil Worldwide, the Cultural Heritage Administration of Korea, Seoul Metropolitan Government, and woomihope.org, this project aims to increase public interest in South Korea’s rich cultural heritage. By recreating a royal ceremony from 1887 in AR, visitors can witness more than 300 elements of this historic event in a truly immersive way.

Bridging Past and Present

The AR experience virtually restores the Joseon Dynasty’s royal court ceremony, originally held 136 years ago. This digital revival is not just a showcase of technological prowess; it’s a bridge between past and present, allowing visitors to experience the splendor and cultural significance of the Joseon Dynasty in a modern, interactive format.

Educational and Engaging

This experience is more than just a technological marvel; it’s an educational tool that brings history to life. Visitors, both young and old, can learn about Korean history and tradition in an engaging and interactive manner. It provides a deeper understanding and appreciation for Korea’s cultural legacy, making history accessible and enjoyable for everyone.


The AR experience at Gyeongbokgung Palace is a testament to how modern technology can revitalize historical education and cultural appreciation. By stepping into this virtual reconstruction, visitors can experience a slice of Korean history, making it an essential visit for anyone interested in the rich tapestry of Korea’s past.